Delivery and return warranty

Products bought at the internet store can be returned within 30 (thirty) days from the date of delivery to the customer.


If you want to return the product, you must observe the main rule – the packaging of the product must be in tact and the product itself must not be damaged (used). If this condition is fulfilled, then you should submit a request of a free form to return the product, specify the invoice number, name and price of the product, and account number to which the refund should be transferred. You have to send this request by email to We will transfer the money to the account that you specified within 3 working days after the product is received.

If the packaging of the product is damaged or it is visible that the product was used, the money will not be refunded.

Maintenance of “BERGHOFF” and other manufacturer stainless steel products

You should wash new dishes with hot water and liquid washing supplies prior to use, so that potential dirt and sticky stuff would be removed. Rub the surface of dishes with soft sponge with cleaner and leave for 5 minutes, then wash with water. If needed all procedures are repeated 2-3 times. Later it is recommended to wash dishes with soft sponge or wipe, using any mild cleaner. In order for the dishes to retain their shine, it is necessary to dry them right after washing.

It is not recommended to use metal brushes, knives, scrappers or similar items for dish cleaning. Supplies that can damage the surface cannot be used for cleaning (for example grainy materials), also alkaline cleaners, because dishes lose their shine.

Lime deposits may appear on the dish surface – so called cattle scale. Such deposits, also spots, occurring from mineral salts of some products, can be easily removed with a sponge damp with vinegar, lemon juice or a solution of citric acid. You can also use cleaners that contain citric acid.

Watch that the dishes would not overheat! Should they overheat, the colour of the metal surface can change – to golden or very light shade of brown, rainbow spots can appear as well. This is not a defect of dishes and definitely has no effect on the durability of dishes nor on the properties of the food that is being prepared. In order for the colour of the metal not to change, you need to follow dish user manual better. Dishes that overheat must cool off on their own, never use cold water. If the colour changed anyway, use a cleaner, intended for stainless steel or wait and after some time the dishes will recover their colour.

WARNING! It is strictly forbidden to keep lids with thermal handle in fridges, wash under the direct water current and in dishwashers.


Products with hidden manufacturing and material defects, that become apparent within 12 months from the date of sale, are replaced by “Freshpoint” sales network;


  • Defects that occur if the pots are used improperly.
  • Mechanical deformations, that occur due to improper use.
  • Defects that have no effect on the functioning of the dishes.
  • Using of cleaning supplies that can damage the surface.
  • Scratches that occur when using metal or other hard tools.
  • Products that have insanitary, non-hygienic look (i.e. oily, burnt, with food residues, etc.).

Frequently asked questions:

Yes the confirmation will be sent to the email that You specified.

Yes, all products are of quality and original, we take full responsibility for the quality.

The products are delivered within 2-5 working days (usually are delivered within 2-4 working days). Delivery Free.

Yes, manufacturer’s warranty applies to all products.