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AMBERR Cooking Form (32 x 21 x 10.4 cm) AM123251


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AMBERR pots and pans are made of the cast aluminum and coated with synthetic marble cover: organic and non-toxic.

Marble cover for easy and healthy cooking. Food is produced not only with a small amount of fat but also on an environmentally friendly and safe food cooking surface.

Heat – resistant handles


This cover is:

– Non-toxic: Overheated (the frying pan left longer than 3 minutes) coating gets damaged, but the frying pan does not emit toxic fumes.

– Eco-friendly coating: removes environmentally harmful PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) found in some conventional teflon coatings.

– Scratch-resistant: The surface of these pans is stronger than traditional teflon coatings, but metal tools cannot be used either way.

– Saves energy.

– Does not contain any heavy metals such as lead.

Therefore, they are not only useful for you and your family, but also for the environment.

Amberr dishes are suitable for use with any cookers: gas, electric, halogen, inductive.

Packed in a gift box.