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BergHOFF 5-piece Container Set with SMART System LEO 3950129



By storing food in various items, containers, boxes and stands specially designed for this, you will always know where to find them. Long-term storage products require certain conditions. Product storage packages are not always suitable. There are also special containers for bulk products. These containers are used for long-term storage of bulk products – cereals, flour, as well as tea, coffee and spices.

Article 3950129

The SMART system does not let the air inside and holds the lid on the container

The set consists of 5 containers with covers: Volume: 2 containers-0,5 L

2 containers-1.1 L

1 container -1.7 L

The item is made of high quality plastic without any harmful substances

Strong polypropylene lid with SMART system keeps food fresh and fragrant longer.

Transparent containers are easy to use

Such containers are tightly closed so they protect against the insects.

Through the transparent glass jar walls you can see what is kept there, and it’s very convenient. The glass is well cleaned, it does not absorb the odor of the product.

If the products contain a certain percentage of moisture, like dried fruits, then they can become molds.

Do not wash in a dishwasher.

Brand BergHOFF Worldwide N.V. Belgium

BergHOFF has been manufacturing kitchen and tableware products for many years. Effective collaboration between the designers, technicians and international partners from more than 50 countries allows BergHOFF to offer its customers high quality products at an affordable price. High quality raw materials and quality control processes guarantee a long service life.