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BergHOFF Glass Covered Pan 26 cm 3.2 L Geminis 2307204


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The characteristics of the pans directly depend on their quality. The BergHOFF team of designers, technicians and engineers created a different design, shape and size pans with a multi-layer Ferno Green cover, so that a person could choose the right option for himself.


  • Diameter-26 cm
  • Volume – 3.2 L
  • Made of high quality cast aluminum
  • Ferno Green cover – non-stick, easy to maintain and free of harmful PFOA materials
  • More resistant to scratches than other traditional covers
  • Can be used for both cooking and stewing
  • The comfortable bakelite handle does not slip and does not heat up, therefore it increases safety
  • The handle is removable so you can cook and stew food in the oven
  • Glass lid with a metal handle
  • The lid is made of high quality heat-resistant glass
  • Thick bottom
  • Ideal heat distribution; quickly and evenly transmitting heat
  • Can be used with a minimum or no fat
  • The pan should only be washed when it is completely cooled, thus it will increase its service time
  • Suitable for all types of cookers, including inductive.
  • The pan is packed in a cardboard gift box
  • Perfect for a gift!
  • It is not recommended to wash in a dishwasher and cook empty frying pan for a long time (this will reduce the service time of the pans)
  • Brand BergHOFF Worldwide N.V. Belgium

BergHOFF has been manufacturing kitchen and tableware products for many years. Effective collaboration between the designers, technicians and international partners from more than 50 countries allows BergHOFF to offer its customers high quality products at an affordable price.