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GIPFEL 6002 Tin Opener BRAVO
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GIPFEL 6001 Corkscrew BRAVO



t is a must-to -have accessory without which it is difficult manage in the party


  • With knobs, it’s easier to pull the plug
  • The surface is made of stainless steel
  • Material – chromium alloy
  • The polishing is matte
  • Handles with rubber inserts
  • The tool is packed in a plastic gift box
  • Perfect as a gift!
  • Brand GIPFEL

The German company ‘Gipfel’ is a famous European brand producing kitchen tools and accessories.

Due to its high quality, aesthetics and simplicity, ‘Gipfel’ products gained popularity among people who appreciate healthy food very quickly. The company is developing dynamically and finds more and more new fans each year. The desire to achieve business excellence and special attention to the details has led to the worldwide recognition of the Gipfel brand.