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BergHOFF 3-Piece Set of Tools For Children 8500209


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Children’s Cutlery Set of 3 Parts

A set of children’s cutlery will help mothers to teach their children how to use these tools independently. The decor on the tools will really appeal to the child.

Article: 8500521

Set includes:



teaspoon for tea

Polished, glossy surface with a decor

Made of high quality stainless steel 18/10

Steel 18/10 is not affected by acids, lye or detergents

Resistant to oxidation processes

The tools are comfortable, elegant, and durable

The surface is hygienic and easy to clean.

Can be washed in a dishwasher

Tools are put to a cardboard gift box

Perfect as a gift!

Brand BergHOFF Worldwide N.V. Belgium

Stainless steel alloy 18/10 is actually an alloy containing higher levels of chromium and nickel. Its distinctive feature is high density – about 7.8g / м3. As a result, there are almost no micropores on the surface of the pot, which means that there is no place for dirt and microbes to accumulate. There will be no rust and corrosion. From an ecological point of view, this inert metal deserves it all.

High quality raw materials and quality control processes guarantee a long product life.